Garment Production with Maryam Nassir Zadeh's
Design + Production Coordinator Claire McKinney

1 Production Fittings and Pattern Adjustments

Our samples are fine-tuned given feedback from our sales team and our sample manufacturers. We confirm the fit for production and resolve construction issues to make sure mass production runs smooth.

2 Grading

Paper patterns are plotted and graded into our size scheme, printed out onto big paper rolls called markers and delivered to the factories.

3 Cutting

Fabrics are delivered to the factories from Italy, Japan, and France. I prepare the cutting tickets which tell the factory how many of each size needs to be cut in which fabrics. The fabric is laid out and stacked up according to the units and the markers are laid on top — all of production is cut out at once with a vertical blade machine saw.

4 Trims and Supplies

I purchase buttons, zippers, hooks & eyes, snaps, care labels, size labels, brand labels, hangers, and polybags from a long list of Garment District shops. All have to be sorted, labeled, and sent to the factory.

5 Approving the Top of Production

I check to make sure the 'TOP' — first garment off the machine — is up to par and we resolve any issues before mass sewing begins.

6 Daily Check-ins for 6 Weeks

I circle through all of the factories on a daily basis to make sure production is running on schedule, make approvals and help solve problems along the way. Thousands of units across over 100 different styles are all being sewn at once!

7 Pressing and Cleaning

I make approvals on how garments should be pressed given the fabric and style and let the factory know how threads should be clipped and garments should be cleaned up.

8 Quality Control

I work with the quality control team at each factory to make sure they know what we can and can't accept. Stains, defects in the fabric, and sewing mistakes can happen, but we try to catch everything before shipping.

9 Packing

I let the factory know how we would like the garment packed and labeled, making sure the correct barcode adheres to every garment so our warehouse can check in the stock accurately.


Counting Everything In - I count all the garments to make sure the numbers match our total orders.


Collection Day! A truck collects all the garments from the factories and transports it to our local warehouse.