How to Pitch
with Dazed's Culture Editor Ashleigh Kane

How to Pitch


Provide as much info as you can in your pitch.


Links, images, background info (don't assume we know what you're pitching/who you're pitching or why) as well as why it would work for Dazed and our readers.


Ideally, what format you see it fitting into on the site.


Word count, when you can submit your copy and any dates relevant to the event/artist/idea you're pitching, i.e. "can't be published before 19 Feb, due to embargo" or "exhibition runs from X date – X date".


Suggest a potential headline/s and stand first/s – this helps us gauge where you're going to take the story.


What images would potentially work or how we can source these (PR providing? permission from artist?)


If commissioned, submit your draft in a Google doc open to editing – the programme’s functionality makes giving feedback easy


Keep all correspondence to one email, this helps us keep track of everything.


Images should come via one folder on Google Drive labeled/captioned clearly and come with a
full caption sheet.


If pitching for the first time, please provide links to your previously published work and introduce


Make sure you know who you’re pitching to. Are you pitching a music story, but sending it to the fashion editor? Most publications have their masthead on their website, or if you can grab the latest issue in the newsagents and take a quick picture of the masthead as this will be the most up-to-date. Then hit Google and have a search around to find the right person. The last thing you want is someone marking your email as spam – you never know when you might have something for them.

Many editors have their emails in their social bios or on their websites. If you can't find it but you know their first and last name, try combinations like firstname.lastname@company.com, or firstname@company.com. If you can find the generic info@company.com on the publication’s homepage, this makes it easier to know the second half of the email (i.e. the @company.com). You can also google 'email verifiers' and chuck your prediction in there to see if it's valid. I don't know if it's fool-proof but it can't hurt.

Editor's Note:
As of November 2020, Ashleigh is a freelance writer and creative consultant. Her recent clients include Gucci, Versus Versace, NOWNESS, and her work has been featured in Dazed, i-D, AnOther, The Face, Highsnobiety, and many more. Click here to sign up for her newsletter, Eye Spied.