How to Negotiate

This Generation held its first event at The Wing SoHo in New York City. Music Booking Agent at Paradigm, Meryl Luzzi, spoke on building relationships and her best tips for how to negotiate.

Photo by Juliet Wolf


Know your worth. Whether you’re negotiating for yourself or for a client, what past experience do you or they have that makes them worth the opportunity? What do they have lined up that could increase their value? Do your research. What have others earned in this position? How much experience have they had? Work your relationships and listen! Hearing more about other people’s experiences can better help you negotiate yours.


Regardless of what you’re negotiating, whether it’s an offer for a client or one for yourself, understanding the communication style of the person you’re negotiating with is key in getting the best deal possible. Study different communication styles and try to figure out how the person on the other end of the deal likes to receive information. This will hopefully increase the chances of getting what you want.


Sometimes timing is everything. It could be better to discuss things up-front or towards the end of the negotiation. Where is that person on the other side of the deal? Do they need something urgently? If so, acting swift and quickly will work in your favor to get it done.